Landmark Emergency Assist

The “Landmark Emergency Assist”(LEA) product if effectively available from the 1st of May 2015 to all our existing and new Landmark clients. The cost of the product will amount to R35.31 inclusive of VAT and will provide cover for the main member, his/her spouse and dependents under the age of 25 years.

The “Landmark Agri Assist Brochure” & “Landmark Assist Commercial Brochure” provides you with all the relevant information that the Landmark Emergency Assist product offers. Please ensure that you read through it to obtain a full understanding of the product. The Landmark Assist Product Wording is available on request.

In summary the “Landmark Emergency Assist” product provides the following emergency assistance to the client.

· Roadside Assistance
· Medical Assist Access
·Emergency Home Assistance
·Panic SOS

If you as a customer would be interested to buy the product , you must complete the VAP Product Application with all the relevant client and broker information . It is essential that this information is accurate and complete as possible in order to upload it to the service provider 's system.

Other important information:
Please note the change in Service provider with effect 1 February 2022. Manager of all Services: One Loyalty – Assist & Lifestyle Benefits
Call centre number to call – 0861 666 998
Number to dial if Telkom services are down – 071 860 2211

Please note: The LEA VAP is not an insurance product and is therefore NOT underwritten by an insurance company.