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Building on its expertise in the agri short-term insurance market, Landmark has established itself in providing customised short-term insurance solutions to South African farmers. Since 2001, Landmark has set the benchmark for innovative insurance solutions and exceptional service.

The company is a short-term insurance business partner for farmers who are driven by traditional values of trust, open communication, good service and healthy relationships. This relationship, between insurance partner, broker and farmer, is built on mutual trust.

Landmark has a national footprint and serves the farming community throughout South Africa. The company makes use of a national broker network which allows the company to provide their solutions to all farmers in the country. It is very important that the broker understands the farmer’s business in order to offer the most applicable risk management solution.

FSP License number: 12654


The Landmark insurance product covers all sections of the traditional agri insurance product, excluding crop, and provides cover for fire, motor vehicles, business interruption and liability sections. The company focusses on product development and strives to provide the most comprehensive risk solution for the present day farmer. Landmark offers transparent, efficient and professional service. We also constantly review our service and products to identify areas for improvement, which ensures we always deliver the best. Having set the benchmark for innovative insurance solutions and exceptional service, we have maintained our market leadership through on-going research and development of new products, cover and benefits.


Landmark has received the coveted Diamond award for best Agri Underwriter in South Africa since 2014 . This award evaluates the performance of companies based on feedback received from various industry role players. It also emphasises Landmark’s commitment to excellence and its responsibility towards improving the insurance industry.


The Landmark directors, management and staff are all committed to ensuring that the principle of treating customers fairly (TCF) is applied in all areas of our day to day business activities. With TCF as our core value, we recognise that fair treatment of our customers is about adding value to the products and services we offer, by aiming to protect the interests of our customers at each stage of the product life-cycle, from development to after-sale service. Landmark is underwritten by Compass Insurance Co. Limited (awarded an AA-(ZA) rating by Global Credit Ratings), a subsidiary of the Hannover Reinsurance Group Africa Limited -the third largest reinsurer in the world. Landmark is also part of the Lireas Holdings Group of companies, which in turn is a subsidiary of the Hannover Reinsurance Group.

Our Financial Strength

Landmark Underwriting Agency (Pty) Ltd underwrite on behalf of Compass Insurance Company Limited, the leading specialist insurer in South Africa, with a claims paying ability rating of AA-.

Lireas, the strategic investment company, have a shareholding in Landmark Underwriting Agency. The financial strength is also enhanced by quality reinsurers led by Hannover Reinsurance Company Limited.


Hannover Reinsurance Group Africa

The Hannover Reinsurance Group Africa (Proprietary) Limited, which was founded in 1952, has developed into one of Africa's largest reinsurers.

It has today emerged as a diversified reinsurance group, combining the security and expertise of European professionals with traditional South African values. Its strong South African premium income base has been expanded to include business from more than twenty African countries.

Hannover Reinsurance Group Africa (Pty) Limited was founded in 1952. It is a 100% subsidiary of Hannover Ruckversicherung AG, one of the five largest reinsurance groups in the world, with a strong rating from both AM Best and Standard and Poors.

Hannover Re Group Africa aims to be the most diversified and profitable reinsurance group in Africa, operating with the highest degree of authority and capacity. The Group operates in 4 business segments: Life and Health, Property and Casualty, Strategic Investments and Specialty Insurance.

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Lireas Holdings (PTY) LTD

Lireas is a 51% subsidiary of Hannover Re Africa. Via its shareholding in various underwriting agencies and specialist insurers, the Lireas Group provides Hannover Re Africa with access to direct business which is not usually accessible to a traditional reinsurer.

In additional to profitable reinsurance, the Lireas investments provide its shareholders with good investment returns. Lireas has been invested in underwriting managers for almost 20 years and currently invested in 14 underwriting managers and 2 specialist insurers.

One of the strategic goals of the Hannover Re Group, and Lireas specifically, is to embrace the spirit of the Financial Sector Charter, viewing BEE as a financial imperative. As a foreign owned reinsurer, Hannover Re was exempt from the ownership component of the Financial Sector Charter. However, its investment in Lireas was viewed by Hannover as an opportunity for Hannover Re to contribute in a meaningful way to BEE, and thereby providing the underlying Lireas investments with empowerment status. With full support of its German parent, Hannover Re Africa sold 49% of Lireas at fair value to Mahogany Capital. The added benefit of this empowerment shareholding will allow the Lireas investments to strengthen their position in the South African Insurance Market.

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Compass Insurance

Compass Insurance opened its doors in July 1994. In 2001, Hannover Re Africa, a subsidiary of the international operation...

, recognised the possibilities of Compass's innovative and unique outsource philosophy and acquired the full share capital of Compass Insurance Company Limited.

The Compass Insurance business model is unique in the short-term insurance industry. Compass only deals with Underwriting Managers. The Compass business partners focus on providing innovative products and a specialised policy administration service to short-term insurance brokers.

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South African Underwriting Managers Association (SAUMA)

n the 1980's and 1990's the term "Underwriting Manager" became tainted with negative connotations following the actions of some ...

unscrupulous operators calling themselves by this name. Consequently in the late 1990's there was a passion to create a professional Association for the Underwriting Manager segment of the Insurance Industry to regulate this sort of behaviour and to improve the image of this very important part of the insurance industry. Landmark’s association with SAUMA therefore provides comfort to our client and brokers that they are dealing with a professional company committed to high ethical standards.

Key Benefits

  • Being a member of a recognised professional body such as SAUMA lends credibility to a UMA.
  • SAUMA is the only recognised “voice” of UMA’s accepted by the regulatory authorities.
  • Brokers are aware that there are certain minimum criteria required in order to be a member of SAUMA which will give them a degree of comfort in dealing with members
  • SAUMA is constantly engaged in dialogue with the regulatory bodies, and industry associations such as SAFSIA and SAIA, and makes sure that UMA’s interests are looked after.
  • The SAUMA website will be of assistance to both brokers and members in that it will advertise who our members are and provide details of which products they underwrite.

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  • Landmark PMR Diamond Award
  • Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa
  • Financial Services Board
  • Financial Intermediary Association
  • Insurance Institute of South Africa
  • Inter Hannover
  • SABS
  • South African Intruder Detection Services
  • South African Insurance Association
  • Society of Risk Managers
  • Insure Group Managers